About Me

My art practice is centralized around processes, patterns and directions. Through abstract painting, I explore the relationship between the cycles of everyday life and the narratives that unfold through them. I observe conventional life details, which I challenge, scrutinize and dissolve into abstract forms and objects. I intentionally use a limited pallet of colours to create compositional suspensions. I attempt to hide complex ideas by fusing geometric figures and shapes into suggestive but not dictated compositions. My goal is to create an organic mechanism of colours, forms and viewer’s interpretations.

To me - abstract art is a fictive visual storytelling, making reality visible, which otherwise we can neither see nor describe. I want my paintings to secretly communicate with the viewer and to pass on to him only the directions and suggestions.
My ultimate aim is to address the concept of self-identity, which is continuously challenged and altered by the surrounding world. Through my work, I want to heighten the underlying tension of individualism experienced by every generation of our society.
My artistic practice is mostly driven by global contrasts and universal contradictions. I am interested in societal collectiveness and in personal transformative processes.
I am trying to respond to my surroundings – whether far-flung, actual or imagined. I am analyzing different perspectives and angles of various personal identities, sociopolitical views and lifestyles.
My fascination for the shape of a circle and the form of a sphere has brought me to the centre of my artistic practice. These forms are geometrically perfect and fundamental.
I like to stretch and deform their structures and boundaries to create new exciting shapes. I manipulate their sizes and group the circles together.
Each ‘circle’ or ‘sphere’ represents a life, a person or a thought. By playing with these figures and by confronting them with a mono blue colour, I am able to filter out the very raw message and represent it contemporarily.
I aim to create a public response to questions of individuality, existentialism and differentiated personalities. I question issues of boundaries and the liberty to cross them by creating abstract allusions that are pervasive in the modern world.
I aim to lead viewer’s attention into the greatest depths of his personal journey. I want to give the viewer an ability to engage his own opinion and thoughts on self-identity and societal collectiveness. I aim to execute the physical manipulation of materials in order to construct an imaginary allusion and ideological experience for the viewer.
I try to keep dynamism and static structure in subtle balance, so to lift the viewer from his own reality and stereotypes, and to involve him into an interpretation game.
I want to create an unavoidable approach to an engaging perspective, to develop a space for perception.

My work slips between minimalism and complex insights, utter abstraction and oversaturated metaphors. My art is rich in a variety and scale of topics, which often are vibrant, witty and subversive. I want the content of my artworks to steep out into its surroundings, and create a strong relationship between the viewer and the artwork.
I am extremely interested in awakening of my artwork. I am inspired by the idea, that the artwork could initiate a dialogic and highly sensory relationship between itself and the viewer.